Petal + Stem Block Swap 8: Critter Round

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Blocks must ship by February 1st. Please do your absolute best to honor the deadline out of fairness and respect to your teammates and to save me from having to follow up with individuals who have not sent.

This round is a little bit different from the first 7, by popular request, we are swapping critter blocks!

Why swap?  You will meet new quilting friends and have a reason to run to your mailbox! Remember too that I designed a quilt top to highlight the blocks from this swap. You could put your blocks into that free layout if you’d like. You can find it here.

or this one!

I have run a lot of swaps and know that the secret to a successful swap are very clear guidelines and expectations. Here they are:

Making the Blocks

1. You must purchase a copy of my book, Petal + Stem, in order to have the necessary block patterns.  Signed copies are available in my Etsy shop with inexpensive media mail shipping to US customers.  You can also find my book on Amazon (this is an affiliate link), or at your local quilt shop/book shop, or your town library.  If you are in Europe, the best place to order may be Search Press. The block patterns cannot be purchased independently due to copyright reasons.  Please remember that it is against copyright law to make copies and distribute them as well.

For this round, you could choose to purchase PDF patterns instead of the book. It will depend on which critter you choose. Details to follow!

2. You will be asked to sew one Critter block for each of your teammates.

The acceptable blocks and where you can find the pattern are listed here:

The snail and/or butterfly (from Petal + Stem)

Frog (This pattern comes in two sizes. For the swap, you must sew the 6″ finished block.)

Ant (This pattern comes in two sizes. For the swap, you must sew the 6″ finished block.)

Bee or Ladybug (This pattern comes in two sizes. For the swap, you must sew the 6″ finished block.)

Inchworm  (This pattern comes in two sizes. For the swap, you must sew the 6″ finished block.)

Garden Turtle

Garden Bunny

3.  The background of each block should be sewn scrappy and contain at least 3 different way low volume prints.

This is how I am defining way low volume fabrics. They should be white, off white, or super light grey with small scale prints that are also white, off white, or super light grey and possibly a little bit of a metallic.

4.  The other fabrics that you use can be any colors you like. They can be prints or solids. Just try to contrast enough with the background.

5.  Make sure that you check your foundation paper pattern sizes before you start sewing.

6.  Please press well between each step so that your blocks are well sewn and will fit together well with the other blocks.  Creases and folds in your fabric can make it hard to piece the blocks together.

7. Please leave the foundation papers in your blocks. This will keep them in better shape and avoid any stretching on the bias. If you need to remove them to reduce international shipping costs, that is an exception.

8. Please backstitch as you start and stop seam lines. It will help keep the blocks together well until they are sewn into a quilt top.

It’s my hope that by sticking to these guidelines, the finished blocks will work together beautifully in your quilt top.

The blocks received could be put together in a quilt top of your own design, or incorporated into one of the layouts from the book. I think that Potting Mix or Garden Whimsy would work particularly well.

Swapping Logistics

You will be assigned to a group.  The number of groups will depend on how many participants we have.  Each group will include 4 people. I might adjust that to 5 depending on numbers of participants. You will send one block to each person.

Everyone in your group will receive your mailing address so that they can ship to you directly.

In order to keep shipping costs low, we want to be able to mail as a first class letter.  This should be possible if you just send the block in a note card.  If the post office feels fabric, they may make you send as a package which is more expensive. If the block is in a card, it just feels like a thick card and a first class stamp works perfectly. If someone has the means to send extras and wants to, it’s ok.  But it is not expected with this swap. It’s supposed to be inexpensive, quick and easy! If you are able to send an international envelope as a letter, it will be a reasonable cost. If they are sent as a package, it will be expensive. Please decide if you want to ship internationally or not and choose the box on the form accordingly.

You must email me when you ship to your group.  It’s just about accountability!  I want to make sure that everyone sends so that everyone receives.

If your swap members do not receive a block from you, you will be asked to resend. Please also understand that sometimes unexpected things happen and a team member is unable to meet their obligation. If you feel like you will not be able to accept this possibility graciously, this swap may not be for you. There will be no swap angels.

Also, please email your partners to say thank you when you receive their blocks. Or post them on Instagram and tag them so they know their blocks have arrived.

You will receive your group assignment shortly after sign ups close via email.

You must send by February 1, 2023.  You may send early! In fact, I love it when people send early!

To sign up, please complete this short form by January 4th.

Let me know if you have any questions and let’s get busy sewing our critters!