Kitchen Sink Quilt 1

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I created this quilt as a sample for my upcoming Kitchen Sink Math class at QuiltCon in Atlanta, GA. The class will help participants turn their pile of random left over blocks, blocks from workshops, and other one offs, into a quilt top. It’s a no sew class so we can focus on editing the block selection, design ideas, and the quilt math needed to sew the quilt together.

I figured some participants would end up editing their blocks to a small-ish collection of cohesive blocks so I made this sample as an example of a quilt using just 9 blocks.

Here’s a detail showing the quilting that was done by Karlee Sandell.

These are all blocks of my design that I have made over the years and they were all in my big box of random blocks! I will link to each of the block patterns for you:

top row, left to right


Onward (the three Arrows)

Vintage Vacuum

center row, left to right

Rope Twist (this was designed for the Summer Sampler and isn’t available for individual purchase)

Tweet Hearts

bottom row, left to right

Storybook Shelf


Coneflower with Butterfly

The Squirrel was designed back in 2013 and the Coneflower and Cheers blocks in 2014 making them the oldest designs in the quilt. Tweet Hearts is the most recent!