Kitchen Sink Quilt 2

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I created a second sample for my Kitchen Sink Quilt Math class. This one is probably more what you would expect from a Kitchen Sink Quilt–lots of blocks. I like to add some design elements too which I will talk about in class.

There are 17 blocks in this quilt. They were all designed by me over the last decade or so and all in my box of blocks!

Here are a couple of details so you can see some of the fun fussy cutting.

And you can see the quilting by Karlee Sandell.

I will list the block patterns in case there’s one you want to hunt down:

Left column, top to bottom:




Artist’s Tools

These blocks are all from Intentional Piecing.

Second column, top to bottom:


Sewing Machine

Business Casual (also from Intentional Piecing)

Trowel and Pot


Third column, top to bottom:

Bushel Basket of Apples

Mystical Eye

Cuckoo Clock (also from Intentional Piecing but enlarged)

Spider Web

Final column, top to bottom:

Vase on Doily (also from Intentional Piecing)

Inkwell (also from Intentional Piecing)

Coffee Pot (No pattern. I designed this one and then saw something too similar already available so I never sold it.)

Owl (also from Intentional Piecing)

In this quilt, the basket of apples, sewing machine and dragonfly tie for the oldest designs, designed in 2014.

I had fun making these and look forward to teaching this class.