A 6″ Dragonfly Block

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I have a 10″ Dragonfly paper pieced block that I designed 10 years ago (if you can believe that!) Petal + Stem fans have asked if they could shrink the templates to make a 6″ block to work with the other blocks in the book. But it is a complicated block with lots of pieces that would not work well if made smaller. There would be too much bulk. So, finally, finally, finally, I got around to designing a simplified 6″ block that will work in my Petal + Stem layouts.

I positioned it toward a corner of the block, as I did with the Bee and Ladybug. It makes them look like they are about to land on a flower. I think you will find lots of ways to use this block, even if it isn’t in Petal + Stem layouts. It can be used for anything!

I hope you have fun with it! You can find it here or in my Etsy shop. Have a wonderful day!