Sunspots Quilt

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Here’s my latest! When I first created this design, I thought of the word Sunspots and ultimately decided to go with it as the name of my quilt.

This quilt was designed using my improv paper piecing technique described in my book. If you’d like to learn about my approach to design, you can pick up a copy in my Etsy shop.

When I rotated my improv blocks into a larger block with four quadrants, the design resembled a flower and that wasn’t my intention. I almost didn’t make the quilt as a result because it wasn’t supposed to be a flower quilt. However, I am glad that I carried on because I love the design, regardless of what people see. And I certainly have nothing against flower quilts as I make lots of them! Others see butterfly wings which I can also see and appreciate. Part of what I like about this process is that you don’t know what your design will look like at the inception and it’s interesting to hear what other people see when they look at the shapes.

Sunspots finished at 48″ x 72.” I used Pure Solids for my fabrics and Aurifil 50 weight for piecing and 40 weight for quilting.

My quilted lines are spaced 1/4″ apart. I was lucky to find this backing, In Flight by Rashida Coleman Hale for Ruby Star Society. The colors are very close and certainly compatible.

I’m really happy with this quilt! I will likely produce a pattern but it’s not going to be available right away because I have some other projects that need my attention first. But I will be sure to mention it here and in my newsletter when it is ready.