Spidey Stars Quilt

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I’d like to share my new Spidey Stars Quilt with you today!

I don’t tend to design dozens of quilts each year. For me, it takes time to come up with a design that I feel is truly unique and worth spending the time and materials to make. I often sit with the feeling that I don’t know what to make next and just keep searching for inspiration or sketch until the next design is realized.

I poured my creativity into this project, using my innovative improv paper piecing technique to design the repeated block. (To learn more about my technique, read my book, Improv Paper Piecing). As I spent more time working on the design, I stumbled upon unique shapes that resemble traditional German Christmas Stars. This discovery led me to envision this pattern as a perfect choice for a contemporary Christmas quilt.

The centerpiece of this design features an offset column of vibrant red diamonds. However, for those who desire a different look, there’s a second variation thoughtfully included in the pattern. Ultimately, I was torn between the two options, but I settled on this one.

But don’t be misled; the Spidey Stars Quilt isn’t limited to being a Christmas quilt alone. Its versatility knows no bounds, making it adaptable to your personal fabric choices and color palette. It’s stunning in blue and golds for Hanukkah too (see mock up image).

The top left mock up uses Christmas in the City and the top right uses Juniper. The lower images are mocked up with Pure Solids. All of these are Art Gallery Fabrics collections.

Spidey Stars was quilted by Karlee using the Sashiko edge to edge pattern. It works perfectly!

Spidey Stars in a foundation paper pieced quilt that is intended for the intermediate to advanced piecer.

I sincerely hope you find this quilt pattern as inspiring and exciting as I do!

Find the pattern in my Etsy shop or my PDF shop.