Goose Egg

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I had too much fun with this quilt. It sort of visually tells the story of how my brain received inspiration and worked through the creative project.

I was waiting for inspiration to strike a month or so ago and Sharon suggested I play around with ovals. I thought that it had been awhile since I had done any FPP curves so I started designing ovals. I was thinking of maybe just breaking up the space differently in all of the ovals and pulled together a few variations. I thought it looked interesting but something was missing. Then I started to play with color and chose AGF Pure Solids Swimming Pool for the background. When looking for colors to contrast nicely against it, I settled on gold and white.

I quickly realized that my ovals were starting to look like eggs, huge, 12″ x 24″ eggs! So I thought the quilt required a bird of some sort. The ovals are so tall that a chicken wouldn’t work but a goose has a long neck and could work within the layout of the quilt. So….goose it was! The goose is nearly 4′ tall.

Since I had a goose, I figured that I needed a golden egg. So I made a single golden egg and then started giving funny egg names to my other designs as I sewed them. We have hard-boiled, double yolk, and eggshell.

When my son showed one of his friends this design, she said that it looked like modern art….with a goose. That was exactly what I hoped so it made me happy. The ovals are a simply intended to be a graphic and bold design, the result of playing with shapes. I considered turning them into more appropriate egg shapes but decided not to. I like it this way!

I called this quilt Goose Egg, meaning “nothing” or “zero”. I had zero ideas when I started this project. And I became inspired and excited and created my giant goose.

Goose Egg finished at 60″ x 72.” While I tend to straight line quilt most of my designs, I thought it would be fun to have oval shaped quilting on top of the oval piecing.

The quilting was done by Karlee Sandell.

I really can’t help but smile when I look at this quilt. I put a request out on my town Facebook page for someone with both a barn to hang the quilt and a goose to walk into the photo. And I was lucky enough to have a neighbor come through for me this morning.

I hope you smiled too.