Inheritance Quilt

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I am calling this one Inheritance because, when I look at it, I see jewel like shapes that look like they could be part of a crown. There are way too many quilt names with the word “jewel” so I started thinking that jewels might be part of an inheritance…and that’s how this quilt was named.

Here’s my color palette for this quilt. The solids (from top to bottom) are Plum Preserve, Dried Roses, Aurus, and Creme de la Creme Pure Solids by Art Gallery Fabrics. The backing is Bunch of Roses by Jen Hewett. It has a touch of metallic which seemed in keeping with the jewel idea.

I have been working on this quilt since November and it took longer than usual because of the holidays. But what a treat to finish it in time to photograph it in the snow. We just got about 18″ of snow in our yard here in MA. I think it provides a prettier backdrop than the otherwise more gloomy, grey landscape of winter.

This quilt finished at 54″ x 72″ and is foundation paper pieced. The block is my own design, sketched using the approach that I teach in my book, Improv Paper Piecing. I deconstructed the blocks in the outer columns to open up the design a little bit more.

I quilted in straight lines placed 1/2″ apart, vertically. I asked on social media if I should leave it like that or do 1/4″ spacing and everyone voted to keep the 1/2″ which made it an easy decision. Thank you!

Another thing that slowed me down a little bit is that I was quilting on a new sewing machine. I replaced my sewing machines in December and am trying to get used to them. Change is hard for me when it’s something I use every day and know where buttons are without looking! This quilt was quilted on a Janome M7 Continental. I sure did appreciate the extra wide throat. That’s the best thing about the sewing machine, in my opinion! I will tell you more once I have more experience with the machine.

I will attempt to get some more pictures of Inheritance once the snow melts and it’s a little bit easier. And yes, I am working on the pattern and it should be available soon. The struggle is that I am trying to work on a few things at once and want them all ready asap!