Dovetails Quilt

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The “spring” weather in New England hasn’t been kind. It’s been cold, rainy, and very windy, making quilt photos extra challenging. I finally got some pictures that are decent enough to share. This is my new design called Dovetails.

The word dovetails refers to the way that the pieced sections join together in a way that is similar to dovetails in woodworking. Thank you to Karen Miller for the name suggestion!

Recently, I shared images of this jean jacket that I modified using this block design. I was inspired by all of the quilt-y clothing worn and photographed at QuiltCon this year. I thought that the block was the perfect shape to use on the back panel and it fit well.

The quilt was sewn using a palette pulled from leftovers from recent quilt finishes. I only purchased the background fabric color. This is also the first time that I have used a shade of brown for a quilt background, albeit, a grey-ish brown. I really like the modern moody feel of the quilt.

The colors were divided into neutrals for the horizontal pieces and colors for the vertical pieces. I mocked this design up with higher contrast and it’s very striking. But there’s something about this look, where the colors meld a bit where they meet that I prefer.

I pieced and quilted using an Aurifil 50 weight thread. The quilting shown above was done on my domestic machine and is a 1/2″ diamond grid.

The quilt backing is Maureen Cracknell’s Floral Keepsake in Soft print from the Woodland Keeper collection. The colors work really well with my “leftovers.”

The finished quilt is 60″ x 72″. It’s my original foundation paper pieced design. I do not have a pattern available yet. I may make it available at some point but got sidetracked by a new selvage quilt design that I will be sharing soon!