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Amy Friend
During Quiet Time LLC
Massachusetts, USA
You can contact me at amybfriend[at]gmail[dot]com.

When I was a little girl, I said I wanted to grow up to be a mommy and an artist. I’d like to think that I am just that!

I am the mother to three children. Previously, I studied art history and worked as a museum collections curator. I made the choice to say home with my children when my second child was born. I now express my creative side through sewing and pattern design.

Early on, I found time for this “during quiet time” when the kids were napping or at least enjoying some quiet in their rooms. Nowadays, I sew while they are at school.


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My Publications

Improv Paper Piecing

  • Love to create repeating blocks in your quilts but tired of the same patterns? Step away from the ordinary and try your hand at a new technique-based approach to improvisation. Gorgeous photographs illustrate 10 beautiful projects where Amy Friend seamlessly bridges the gap between improvised design and technical execution.


  • Improv Paper Piecing by Amy Friend

    Intentional Piecing

    • The perfect fabric can make-or-break a quilt design. Teaches you to take your time to make thoughtful fabric choices before you begin piecing for truly dynamic results, the intentional piecing method doesn’t strive just for the finish line. Instead, you’ll learn to focus on precise, thoughtful work.


    • Amy Friend Intentional Piecing Quilt Book

    Petal + Stem

    • Quilters love a well-tended garden almost as much as perfect piecing. Now they can have both!

      Quilters can finally create their ideal landscape with no watering required! Use Amy Friend’s 40 adaptable flower, stem, and leaf blocks (plus a snail and a butterfly!) to piece together a garden scene!


    • Amy Friend Petal and Stem Quilt Book

    For video tutorials, visit the During Quiet Time YouTube Channel.

    During Quiet Time has also been featured in the following publications:

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