When I was a little girl, I said I wanted to grow up to be a mommy and an artist. I’d like to think that I am just that! I am the mother to three children. Previously, I studied art history and worked as a museum collections curator. I made the choice to say home with my children when my second child was born.  I now express my creative side through sewing and pattern design. Early on, I found time for this “during quiet time” when the kids were napping or at least enjoying some quiet in their rooms.  Nowadays, I sew while they are at school.

I love varying the style of my quilts but generally lean toward modern quilting.  My real passion is paper piecing.  I love everything from the design process through fabric selection and sewing.

Studio Spotlight 2

My sewing space in our home is the sunroom located off the dining room. It’s the perfect spot for me to sew while supervising the kids.  The room has ten windows on three walls and is full of wonderful light. I can also look up and see the activity in the neighborhood, the school bus coming, etc. I don’t feel isolated which I love. The drawback is that there is no wall space. I have room for two storage units against one wall and that is it!

sewing table

Lucky for me, my husband is a woodworking hobbyist.  He made me this beautiful sewing/cutting table using a repurposed library table top.  He also made the spool shaped trash can for me.  I do all my cutting at this table and my piecing using my Janome MemoryCraft 6600.  We designed this table to have three sides so I can stash boxes underneath and they aren’t visible.  I have my box of selvages, a stash of buttons and lace, mailing supplies, and much more under there.

sewing table

Most recently, my husband made me a second table.  He saved joists that were removed from our home during a bathroom renovation a couple of years ago.  He used those to create the legs for the table so they have a great rustic look complete with saw marks and old nail holes.  He is guessing that the joists dated to the early 1900s. He used original cut nails that he had saved from lathe that was removed from part of our house.  He thinks that those are as old as the house, built about 1835.  This reuse is partly due to our Yankee frugality but also we love the aesthetic.  The top is made of two layers.  The machine sits on the lower layer and the top layer is cut out around the machine.  I put my new machine, a Janome 8200QC at this table to use primarily for quilting.


If you spend some time looking at my blog, you will notice lots of pictures of my quilts taken in this spot.  This is our barn and it dates to 1920.  We bought our property nearly a decade ago and the barn has demanded a lot of time and money.  We have painted two sides and re-roofed but still have more painting and sill work and window repairs to go.  Yet, we love this barn despite those demands.  It screams “New England” to me.  I’ve spent my whole life in New England so buildings like this represent home to me. I love to hang my quilts here on hooks we hung just for this purpose.  They hang on the shady side of the barn so I can photograph most any time of day.


When I am not sewing, you might find me gardening.  My garden is built in a Williamsburg style but planted a bit more like a cottage garden. I battle moles and dry soil and love every minute of it.


The neat thing is that I can see the garden through my sewing room windows.

Garden through lace curtains

Thank you for visiting my blog!  I hope you’ll stop by again soon!