Black Swallowtail

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Well, the day was not lost with the roses. The first of four Black Swallowtail butterflies emerged today! Isn’t it beautiful? It wasn’t the first … Read More


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Penny woke up before 5 this morning for the day. One of her molars is cutting through the gum and looks oh so sore at … Read More


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If you read my blog last summer, you might remember my post about Praying Mantises. We bought two egg sacks and let them hatch in … Read More


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The deer were nice enough to leave these roses alone! I am happy to get at least SOME blooms. So far they have only hit … Read More

July Garden

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Somehow, my garden still knows that it is July. The daisies, daylilies, and lavender are all blooming on schedule even though it has been cold … Read More