Photo by Laura Collins

Photo by Laura Collins

Many guilds will ask for a combination of these lectures, which I am also happy to do.

Below find a list of lecture and teaching topics and their contents. Toggle open to reveal more.


This approximately one hour long trunk show will include a discussion of my personal sewing history and evolution and how it fits into the modern quilting movement. By showing samples of my own work, I will introduce quilters to the characteristics of modern quilting as defined by the Modern Quilt Guild so that they get a better understanding of what modern quilting is all about!
This approximately one hour long trunk show will focus on the quilts found in my book, Intentional Piecing, but may include additional quilts as well. I will use these quilts to illustrate types of fussy cutting and to discuss fabric selection in general. How can you pick the best fabric for a pattern? How can a pattern really showcase a fabric design?
This approximately one hour long trunk show is based on a new design approach that I present in my second book, Improv Paper Piecing: A Modern Approach to Quilt Design. I illustrate through my quilts, how I approach paper piece design improvisationally to create unique, modern quilts.
An hour long trunk show will help define alternate gridwork and negative space, two principles of modern quilting. I will share quilts that show how I have played with these two ideas in different ways over the last few years—from just a touch to bold. I hope this gives you some ideas when it comes to planning your quilt layouts.


This workshop is based on one of the three design approaches that I share in my second book, Improv Paper Piecing: A Modern Approach to Quilt Design. This class is technique and design based, all about approaching your paper pieced block designs improvisationally. You will design and sew your own block and work on a quilt layout using alternate grid work, negative space and other elements of modern design.

Choose from Kite Tails (left), Wings (center) or Crazy Eights (right), all of which serve as a great introduction to modern, large scale paper piecing. Paper piecing with larger pieces of fabric is in many ways more difficult than paper piecing with small pieces that are more easily handled. Learn some new tricks to make large scale paper piecing work while also learning to place your fabric intentionally to enhance the pattern design. Explore various layouts for a unique quilt top. (6 hours)
Have you been saving those precious selvages for ages but aren’t quite sure what to do with them? Either Circuitry (left) or Selvage Whirlwind (right) are fun, modern quilts that make use of a wide range of colored selvages from your collection. Learn how best to collect selvages, what makes a selvage design work, and create several selvage blocks sharing selvages with your classmates so you have a wide range of colors. (6 hours)
Do you think paper piecing is intimidating? Are you not sure you can handle it? You can! Of course you can! And your design and pattern options will expand exponentially. My Tell Me A Story quilt (left) is a fun and addictive paper piecing project suitable for the beginner. Also, I have adapted my Melon Ice pattern to a table topper/runner size using smaller blocks (right) that are easy to handle and quick to piece. Using your choice of pattern, I will teach the basics of paper piecing as well as offer some tips to those with more experience about how they could further enhance their designs with fabric placement. Different layout options will be discussed as well. (3 hours is possible, 6 hours preferred)
Using this fun paintbrush block as an example, students will learn how to draw a simple pictorial paper pieced block in EQ7. I will cover how to import a photograph to trace, to draw your pattern divisions, color your finished block image, export images of your block, how to group your pieces and number them, and save your pattern pieces in a PDF file. This is a hands-on, computer-based class. Students must come prepared with the EQ software installed on their laptop.


…Everyone at the retreat was raving about your quilts, your choice of fabrics, your quilting and the way you described your artistic interpretation and connection with each of your pieces!”

–Cath Hallsworth, President of Squanicook Colonial Quilt Guild

She inspired me to try to design a paper pieced block.”

–Linda Satkowski, Member of Coastal Quilters

in the workshop, including some great tips, totally enjoyed seeing all of your quilts, and that you were a wonderful, attentive instructor…one of the best in the last couple of years to come to our guild! Your efforts to get around to see everyone was sincerely appreciated.”

–Lyn Grenier, Merrimack Valley Quilters

-student from Improv Paper Piecing class at VT Quilt Festival
-student from Beginner Paper Piecing class at VT Quilt Festival
for teaching and interacting with students. Fun class!”
“This class beat all expectations I had. I would take another class from Amy.”
-students from Intentionally Pieced Large Scale Paper Piecing class at Vermont Quilt Festival