To Boston with Love Flag

Amy FriendTo Boston With Love8 Comments

I just finished up my contribution to the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild’s “To Boston with Love” effort.  Given the prevalence of the “B Strong” graphic on signs and on shirts and on the news since the Boston Marathon bombing, I thought it was appropriate to have a flag with that image. 

I had planned to applique the whole thing but my plan quickly changed to an appliqued “B” and a stamped “strong” when I realized how tiny the letters would have to be cut in order to fit.  Berene is probably chuckling as she reads this because I believe I suggested this smaller sized flag in our earlier discussions. I still think that the smaller flag will weigh less and flutter better but it also represents a creative challenge!

For all the details and to join in the “To Boston with Love” effort, click over to the VMQG blog.  I am really touched, but not at all surprised by the love and support all that all of you quilters are already showing.