Hothouse Bouquets are Here!

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The first Bouquet, in a series of 4 Bouquets, is now available! Just a reminder, these Bouquets include block patterns for petal and stem designs that mix and match with those found in my book, Petal + Stem.

This first Bouquet includes the Paradise Lily, Fringed Tulip, and Stems 9 and 10 (consecutive numbering from the book!)

If you would like to purchase just the Hothouse Bouquet, it is now available for purchase in my Etsy Shop and my Pattern Shop. The Bouquet costs $12 and includes the 4 block patterns, illustrations showing the possible combos of petals and stems, and an alternate layout from the book incorporating these blocks.

Let me remind you that you could also choose to order a Year of Bouquets from either my Etsy Shop or my Pattern Shop instead. It will include the Hothouse Bouquet plus the Butterfly Garden Quilt Pattern. You will then receive 3 more Bouquets sent directly to your inbox on November 15, February 15, and May 15. This offer for $40 is good only until the end of August. The Butterfly Garden pattern is not available for purchase separately.

My son created this little animation! Enjoy your flowers!!